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We are a premium supplier of a valid plumbing Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for your home or property.

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We have extensive experience in plumbing services. Together with this, we understand how important the installation of water systems is. Correct connection to the main water supply will prevent water damage. We lately focus exclusively on issuing compliance certificates.

About On Point Certificate of Compliance

Thinking of selling your home or property?

Should you ever wish to sell your home or property, you are required to produce a valid certificate of compliance. Without this, the sale of the property cannot proceed. Let us take care of this for you. Please carefully study the information below.

You are required by law to have a valid certificate for all plumbing installations in your home or property.


We first inspect the main systems and installations. Shoud there be any faults, we will indicate these and you must have them rectified. If you do not have the services of a valid plumber, we will recommend one.

Issuing the Certificate

Once we are satisfied that the system and installations meet the required standards, we issue the certificate.


Your CoC is valid as long as you are the owner of the home or property. [ More information about water-related services... ]

The certificate of compliance is a simple but vital document.

Only issued by a certified person

Unless the person offering the certificate has a valid licence, the certificate is useless.

A CoC is never transferable.

The certificate is only valid for the property or residence it has been issued for.

Live with the peace of mind that your geyser is safe for you and your family.


Our tests and suggestions are reliable. We have been in the business of issuing certification for years and we believe we know how to spot any potential problem.


A properly installed and maintained water system is vital and saves money. Owners are losing thousands of rands when there are water leaks on their side of the water meter. If unchecked, you simply lose money. Put an end to this today.


Geysers are often installed above ceilings, but lately the tendency is to move them outside, especially with flat-roofed homes. They need to be safe and prevent water damage.

Why compliance certification is important

The average home or property owner may not be aware of problem areas, or the municipal regulations governing home water systems.

More about compliance certification

Our Services

We specialise in issuing compliance certificates for the entire water system in your home or property. Where the municipality's feed connects to the water meter, their responsibility ends and the meter runs. Any wastage on your side of the meter is for your account. We will test the entire system, right to the taps in your bathrooms and kitchen.

On Point CoC Assessment


We first check the current water supply and installation(s) for errors. We look for leaks, check the water pressure, and ensure vital components function properly. If there is no water consumed in the home, the meter should be stationery. If it continues to tick, it means there is a leak in the system.

On Point CoC Services: Recommendations


If we find any problem areas, such as a leak when no water is being used, we will trace the problem. We will require you to have these items attended to first. It could be that we have found a leak, or that the geyser's pressure valve is not functioning properly. If not taken care of, it could result in bigger problems.

Should there be problem areas that need attention, we can point you to qualified plumbers to take care of them.

Our callout fee is R650.00 for residents in a radius that spans Cullinan in the east to De Wildt in the west. Should you be further away, then a specific rate will be quoted.

Or hourly rate is R550.00.

On Point CoC Services: Certification


Once we are satisfied that the installation is correct, and all issues have been addressed, we will issue you a valid certificate of compliance. We may also discuss possible ways to reduce future water consumption by suggesting solutions that have worked for other clients. Small things we do result in big savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your basic questions in language that is easy to understand.

Regulations may have changed as installations become more complicated. Many homes nowadays have more than one geyser and may even have water storage tanks on their properties that connect to their homes. Your insurer may insist on a valid certificate and should you wish to sell, it will definitely be required.

It could be, but you do not know what changes were made since the certificate was issued. Over time pipes degrade, and there may be leaks you are not aware of.

He may be a plumber, but is he qualified to issue certificates of compliance? Unless he can provide you with a valid certificate, it is not legal.

It depends. One certificate is usually issued for the entire system and smaller changes should not affect its validity.

Our Team

Our team members are all qualified to issue certificates of compliance.

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